'Never seen that': Tennis world baffled by one-in-a-million anomaly

Sam Goodwin
·Sports Editor

We’d question anyone who could honestly say they’ve ever seen anything like this.

An ATP Challenger match in Kazakhstan has witnessed a truly one-in-a-million moment after a ball landed on the net post and rebounded back into play.

The doubles match-up of Tunisian pair Malek Jaziri and Skander Mansouri v Hunter Reese and Evan King of America came to a complete stop on Wednesday after the strange anomaly.

One of the Americans accidentally sent the ball skyward after shanking a backhand, and it looked destined to land out.

The ball landed on the net post. Image: ATP
The ball landed on the net post. Image: ATP

But the ball came down straight on top of the net post (positioned out of play) and rebounded back inside the court.

In or out?

Mansouri reacted quickly and hit the ball back, but the Tunisians lost the point a few shots later.

Jaziri then protested with the umpire over whether the net post was in play or not.

“This is part of the net,” the umpire said, believing the Americans had won the point.

They then called for the tournament supervisor to clarify the ruling.

The video went viral on social media, with fans left stunned and arguing about the rule.

Even more bizarre was the fact that Jaziri and Mansouri retired with sun stroke after losing the first set.