Rafael Nadal's obsessive 'cleaning routine' exposed in young fan's video

Sam Goodwin
Sports Editor

Rafael Nadal’s obsessive nature clearly extends from the tennis court to the gym.

The tennis legend is well-known for his many tics and rituals on the court.

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His water bottles must be facing a certain way, he can’t step on the lines on the court, not to mention how he tucks his hair behind his ears and picks his wedgie before every serve.

Rafael Nadal is obsessive about his water bottles. (Photo by Minas Panagiotakis/Getty Images)

But he’s clearly as obsessive in every day life.

A young tennis fan has uploaded a funny video of Nadal in the gym at his academy, showing him meticulously wiping down a treadmill before using it.

Madison McLeod uploaded the video to Instagram recently for a “Throwback Thursday” post, writing “That time I saw Rafa.”

Rafael Nadal is as meticulous in the gym as he is on the tennis court. Image: Getty/Instagram

As every gym-goer around the world would do, Nadal can be seen cleaning the treadmill with his towel.

However Nadal’s cleaning is next level.

The 17-time grand slam champion can be seen meticulously wiping every surface of the machine and he’s still going when the video stops.

Most people would wipe down equipment after they’ve used it, but Nadal appears to be doing so in preparation to use it.

Tennis royalty in holiday mode after Australian Open

Fresh from deep runs at the Australian Open, Nadal, Novak Djokovic and the recently retired Caroline Wozniacki have taken some time away for holidays.

Nadal experienced a hectic start to the 2020 season, playing in Perth and Sydney for the ATP Cup, Melbourne for the Australian Open, Kuwait and then Cape Town for a charity match with Roger Federer.

While a number of top players are now slugging it out at tournaments in Rotterdam and New York, Nadal is enjoying some downtime at home on the Spanish island of Mallorca.

The World No.2 posted a number of happy snaps on Instagram on Tuesday, showing him enjoying a day on a boat soaking up some sun.

And while Djokovic is also enjoying a break, his couldn’t be more different to Nadal’s.

The Australian Open champion is currently hitting the slopes on a skiing holiday with his family in the Dolomites in Italy.

Photos show Djokovic lapping up the snow with wife Jelena Ristic and their children Stefan, 5, and Tara, 2.

As for Wozniacki, she’s clearly embracing retirement.

The former World No.1 stopped over in New Zealand on her way home after the Australian Open, taking in the incredible scenery in Queenstown.