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Tenant fumes at neighbour's dodgy rubbish act as Sydney council struggles

A woman has shared her frustration after a neighbour dumped extra rubbish onto her council collection pile.

An inner-city Sydney resident cleaning out her home was left with more rubbish than she bargained for after an unknown person dumped extra items onto her council collection pile.

In the process of moving apartments, Sapir Midroni arranged for Sydney City Council to remove unwanted household items and claims she neatly arranged the items on the Sydney street for collection, but the council failed to arrive on the scheduled collection date of January 30.

Sydney City Council have been unable to fulfil all booked collections due to staff shortages and industrial action. Ms Midroni says she conscientiously moved the items back onto her rental property, but the following day she was shocked to find additional furniture and rubbish items stacked onto the pile. The rubbish collection now completely blocked the entrance to her property.

Ms Midroni and the failed council collection.
Ms Midroni was shocked to find additional furniture dumped on her property by an unknown person, exacerbating pressures after her council collection was not carried out. Source: Facebook / Sapir Midroni

"To whomever dumped their sh*t in front of our front door, adding to our council clean-up pile, you suck," she shared on a Facebook detailing the incident.

"Sincerely, the people here who are just trying to get our bond back," she signed off the post.

Identifying the culprit

People commented on her post to express frustration on the woman's behalf and share similar experiences, while others began to speculate who was responsible for the unneighbourly behaviour.

"That is so incredibly rude!" one woman wrote.

"I'm sorry someone did this to you. We booked a council clean up recently and had people add to our pile overnight," another said.

"No one's transporting that junk very far to dump in your doorway. I'd be pointing my finger at your neighbours," one suggested.

The neatly organised City of Sydney council collection.
The tenant shared pictures of her stacked items ready for council collection. Source: Facebook / Sapir Midroni

The tenant jumped in with an update and revealed the individual responsible was indeed her neighbour, who allegedly greeted the woman by "berating" her for leaving the items outside, even though their interaction on the street left Ms Midroni believing the additional items were dumped by the disapproving neighbour.

City of Sydney collection delays

The council confirmed to Yahoo News Australia many bulky item collections have not been picked up by council in recent weeks due to industrial action.

"Staff absenteeism and a tight labour market are impacting service delivery which is being exacerbated by the industrial action," City of Sydney Council spokesperson told Yahoo News.

They explained the council temporarily paused bulky waste collections for their residents in January, however, an "exceptional circumstance" in the case of Ms Midroni's waste items were responded to and a collection was scheduled.

According to the spokesperson the waste items were placed in two seperate locations rather than the advised one, and "illegal dumps of bulky waste made by a third party" resulted in an additional booking being required to remove all waste products from Ms Midroni's street. The first collection was made on February 6 and the second was due on February 10, with neither resident being charged for the service.

"While we work to clear the backlog of bulky waste collections the City of Sydney is asking residents to hold onto their items until regular services resume, or consider selling, giving these items away or donating them to charity," the spokesperson advised.

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