Ten-year-old girl honoured after shielding baby brother from being shot

A ten-year-old girl was honoured for shielding her baby brother from being shot in a Walmart carpark.

Aaliyah Ingraham was with her 18-month-old brother, mum and 15-month-old cousin when they got caught in crossfire in the carpark in Nevada.

Clark County Nevada said the girl “threw herself in front of her infant brother and cousin” and was wounded and had to have surgery.

She was honoured earlier this month and when accepting the award she said she put her brother first.

“Thank you for this award. I hoped that my brother would be OK, and I wanted him to stay alive because he’s really young,” she said in a speech.

Samantha Tygret with her daughter Aaliyah Inghram. Source: Twitter/Clark County Nevada

Clark County said she was a special lady.

Her mother Samantha Tygret told KVVU Aaliyah had saved the infants.

“My first reaction was to get out. Her’s was to jump on her baby brother,” she said.

“She jumped on his car seat when I told her to get on the ground. If she hadn’t done that a bullet would have hit him in the midsection.”

At the ceremony Ms Tygret said her daughter did not have to do what she did.

“She literally took a bullet for her brother. I can never repay her for what she did,” the mother said.