Ten dead in Sri Lanka after heavy rains

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Heavy rains and landslides in several parts of Sri Lanka have left 10 people dead and over 15,000 displaced, officials say.

The extreme weather has also caused widespread damage to houses and agricultural crops in the past three days.

Four were killed in landslides in two separate areas on Monday night.

In Rambukkana, 95km east of the capital Colombo, three people from a family of four who were buried in a landslide died.

One of them was rescued, while the bodies of three others were recovered, police said.

In the central Narmmala area, a 23-year-old woman was killed in a landslide.

The other six deaths were from flooding and landslides on Sunday.

Thousands of acres of agricultural land, including paddy land, are underwater. More than 50 houses have been damaged and several roads are unable to be used in different parts of the country.

Most parts of the country have been receiving heavy rains due to an atmospherical disturbance in the Bay of Bengal.

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