Teen's 'scary' narrow escape after overtaking truck appears from nowhere

Dashcam footage shows the heart-stopping moment an 18-year-old driver was forced to think quick when a truck merged into her lane to overtake another rig.

The horrific moment happened on a highway near Inglewood, in Queensland’s Goondiwindi region, on January 7.

An 18-year-old was driving her car on the correct side of the road when suddenly she encounters two trucks heading straight towards her.

“I had my lights on the whole time, high beam was on until I saw the lights of the approaching truck,” the woman said on Facebook, where she shared the video.

In the footage it is apparent it is raining and the woman who was driving at the time said she was also towing a trailer.

The young driver remains calm while Billy Joel’s Piano Man plays, and a passenger in the car questions, “is that two trucks?” and another person exclaims, “what the f**k”.

“The truck is moving, you can see the water his tyres are kicking up, he had also applied brakes when he saw us,” she continued, adding it was double white lines all around bend.

A young driver was forced into the middle of the road when a truck merged into her lane to overtake another truck. Source: Storyful

In a quick-thinking act, the driver veers into the middle of the two lanes and sails right between the two heavy vehicles. They get through seemingly unscathed while one passenger exclaims, “we nearly died”.

Since the video was posted on Facebook by the 18-year-old, it has been shared over 4,000 times and amassed over a thousand comments.

“As a mum of an 18-year-old. Very smart driving. [You’ve] done well under the circumstances,” one mother said in the comments.

“You should be proud of yourself. And to the driver of the truck wow, what stupidity on your behalf. Wake up. One day that could be your son or daughter.

“Giving all truckies a bad name when your actions are stupid. I hope that you are caught. I hope someone dobs you in.”

Many people in the comments praised the driver for remaining calm and there were plenty of angry comments directed at the truckie.

The woman said she had reported the incident to police, however, with the lack of number plate or company visible from the video, there isn’t much that can be done.

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