Teen's hilarious passport confession goes viral

A teen’s hilarious confession to using a man’s lost passport has gone viral.

Joe Hunter, 21, from West Yorkshire in England, shared the message from the teen who found his missing ID after losing it in a bar two years ago.

Mr Hunter was due to fly to Lanzarote in the Canary Islands just weeks after he lost it. He was forced to buy an emergency version and go to police.

Joe Hunter lost his passport in a pub two years ago. Source: Caters

However, on learning the teen used the passport as a means of ID because he was underage, Mr Hunter said he was “in hysterics”.

“I thought 'what a guy', I definitely found it funny because it's something I'd do,” he said.

"I scrolled down on his Instagram and every single post he had a drink in his hand or he was at some event or on a night out. I'm glad it's served him well.

"He said it's been passed around so much. Apparently it's been used in brothels and all sorts of places, so fair play to them."

The teen's confession to Mr Hunter. Source: Caters

In his confession, the nameless teen explained he would no longer need the fake ID after recently turning 18, and offered to return the passport to Mr Hunter or hand it on to the next fake 'Joe Hunter' in line.

But Mr Hunter, who now has a new passport, declined the offer to be reunited with his identity documents – adding he was just relieved it hadn't been used for something more untoward.

Mr Hunter's passport is a little worse for wear. Source: Caters

"When I first lost it I got the police involved and they warned me that it could be in the hands of an illegal immigrant, but I thought that was a bit far fetched and always thought it was more likely that some kid would be using it as fake ID,” he said.

"I like the fact that he's got back in touch with me and revealed where it's been all this time. I think it's hilarious just to think that it's been used by all these different people to have a good time."

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