Teens filmed on CCTV playing 'rock, paper, scissors' before brutal rape of girl

A group of teens who raped a 15-year-old girl, reportedly played a game of rock, paper, scissors to decide who would sexually assault her first.

The horrific moment the ‘winner’ was decided was filmed on CCTV on February 21.

CCTV footage of the teens before the gang-rape of a young girl in a hotel.

Police say the girl was seen on the footage, walking through the hotel’s corridor in Zaozhuang City in east China, with a man.

The girl appeared to be looking confused and unsteady.

It has since been revealed the girl had been handed a drink containing 'aphrodisiac juice’ before she was taken to the hotel and brutally raped.

The People’s Daily Online reported of the five suspects involved in the case, four are minors.

Zaozhuang Municipal Public Security Bureau deputy director, Fangguan Lei, told reporters a suspect took the little girl into the hotel.

“We can see that this girl was walking with some instability and was delirious,” Lei said.

Moments later four more men appear and start to play the hand game, before entering the room.

It was reported one of the suspects was a friend of the victim.

He allegedly asked the girl on a date to lure her to the hotel room.

Local police have been able to apprehend all of the males involved.

They have been detained for questioning.

News break – March 2