Teens' 'disgusting' act after man collapses from heart attack

A disgusting act has been caught on camera as two teens robbed a father-of-three just moments after he collapsed from a heart attack.

The callous theft was captured on CCTV footage at a petrol station in Washington, US, and shows a teen taking money from the unconscious man on September 8.

The footage shows an adult male and two teenagers entering the shop and a teen grabbing twiggy sticks for himself and his friend.

The adult male then purchases an item at the counter and argues with the clerk over payment of the twiggy sticks.

The attendant collapses in the shop. Source: Facebook/Auburn WA Police Department

While one of the teenagers gives the clerk $1.40, he walks to the front of the shop to confront the teens.

WALB News 10 reports the clerk, with the money still in his hand, turns around to walk back to the counter but suddenly collapses, suffering from a heart attack.

“After speaking with them the clerk, with the dollar bill still in his hand, turns to return to the register area and immediately appears to have a major medical issue and collapses to the floor,” the Auburn WA Police Department posted on Facebook.

“One of the teenagers reaches down and takes the dollar bill back from the clerk while he is on the ground. The adult male then exits the store.

“While the clerk is on the ground unconscious, the two teenage males exit and enter the store a couple of times stealing merchandise and taking all the money from the cash register.

Two teens robbed the petrol station. Source: Facebook/Auburn WA Police Department

“While the clerk was on the ground dying, neither of the three subjects who saw him fall to the ground called for help.”

The attendant stayed on the floor for approximately three minutes before another customer entered the shop and called the emergency services, police said.

The store manager, Angela Sharapova, said that she was disgusted by the footage.

“It just breaks our hearts. Now this guy is fighting for his life,” Ms Sharapova told local outlet WALB News 10.

Ms Sharapova said the clerk has worked with her for three years and has a wife and three children, including eight-month-old boy. .

Local police said that the clerk was “still alive but in critical condition” and confirmed that all three suspects have been identified.