Teens charged following 'wild brawl' with train officers

Cameron Baud

Four teenagers have been charged following a wild brawl with protective services officers in Melbourne’s west.

One teenager smashed his head in to the side of a train, after he was hit with capsicum spray during the fight at Altona Station.

The fight broke out about 8pm when the two officers confronted the teens on the platform.

Witness Adrian Hill said he saw one of the teens fall over and hit his head as a train was coming.

“There was a group of youths and there was a little bit of a kerfuffle, apparently the police got involved and someone got pepper sprayed,” he said.

Photo: Seven News

“One of them fell over and hit his head when the train was coming”.

The officers on duty had only been working for a couple of hours.

It’s believed one of the teens was treated for a broken nose.

“For whatever reason people think that they are a target, it’s not acceptable,” Detective Senior Sergeant Ron Iddles told Seven News.

Photo: Seven News

“They’re out there to protect the community and that’s what they do and they do it very well”.

It’s claimed the officers were set upon by two of the teens before another two joined in.

“I just saw the guy being taken into the ambulance, thank God he is still alive,” Mr Hill said.

Two teens from Tarneit, 16 and 19, were charged following the brawl.

Another 16-year-old and an 18-year-old will be charged on summons.