Teenager calls out dad over his ‘unreasonable’ decision with her college fund: ‘I can’t see this logic’

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A father is at odds with his ex-wife over his daughter’s future plans.

He shared the dilemma on Reddit’s “Am I the A******” forum. His 17-year-old daughter is demanding to use her college fund to travel the world instead. When the father put conditions on her travel plans his ex-wife became furious. 

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“My wife and I divorced eight years ago and have a 17-year-old daughter who is entering her senior year of high school,” he said. “On one of her visits a month or so ago she mentioned to me that she has been thinking of taking a gap year after graduating instead of going to college. She knows that I have saved up a substantial amount of money for her to continue her education and asked if she could use that money to travel. I was very hesitant to sign off on the idea and suggested that she take some time to think about it. I suggested still applying to some schools and doing some campus tours just so that she is exploring all her options. She rolled her eyes at me, but agreed.” 

But his ex-wife wasn’t too happy to hear he was excited about their daughter’s plans. 

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“A couple days later, her mom calls me and basically tells me that I’m being a jerk for forcing our daughter to go to college,” he explained. “I thought about it and came up with a compromise. I told my daughter and ex that if [our] daughter really wants to take a gap year, then I have some conditions on giving her any money for it. She has to get a part-time job during the school year to help fund her travel, she still has to apply to at least three colleges and take campus tours, and she will get a set amount of money from me each month. I refused to give her the lump sum of money I saved for her education if she’s not going to use it as I intended.

“Both my ex and daughter got upset and told me I was being unreasonable by putting any conditions on this because it’s our daughter’s decision and I shouldn’t be dictating anything about it.” 

Reddit users thought the father’s conditions were fine. 

“I can’t see this logic. You are still the parent, it sounds like this money is still in your name, saved for a specific purpose,” one person said

“She is not entitled to a fully funded gap year and she is not even entitled to a funded education,” a user wrote

“What you’re proposing is beyond reasonable for anyone who does want to figure their life out,” another commented

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