Teenage girl throws herself in front of truck to save nephew

A teenage girl has thrown herself in front of a truck in order to save her young nephew’s life.  

Jayla Wallace, 13, and her four-year-old nephew Jordyn Prior were thrown metres into the air when the boy ran onto the road after getting off a bus in the Perth suburb of Jane Brook.

Jayla is grazed and bruised, but she’s being called a hero for her quick actions.

“She had thrown herself in front of a truck that had overtaken the bus, and tried to throw [Jordyn] out of the way,” Jordyn’s mother Jessy Scattini said.

Jayla Wallace, 13, is grazed and bruised after saving her little nephew’s life. Source: 7 News

The accident happened just a short walk from home at about 4pm on Tuesday afternoon.

Jordyn’s mother said she felt “conflicted” about who to run to at the scene of the accident “because I love them both so much.”

“But I could see Jayla was responsive, although she was bleeding – but Jordyn was unresponsive, so I ran to him,” she said.

Another young  mother was across the street when she saw the bus pull up and, at first, thought nothing of it.

Jordyn with hus mum Jessy Scattini. Source: 7 News

It was only when people started screaming Jordyn’s name that she found him lying on the road.

Ms Scattini said she was grateful to everyone that had helped out and did not blame the truck driver, who had no warning.

“We’ve been wanting to reach to let him know the kids are okay, and that I really really hope he’s not having any guilt,” she said.

Jessy Scattini wanted to let the truck driver know that both kids were okay. Source: 7 News

Incredibly, Jayla didn’t break any bones as she flung herself into the path of danger to save her little nephew’s life.