Teenage girl sent flying from show ride in front of screaming children

WARNING, DISTRESSING FOOTAGE: This the shocking moment a teenage girl is seen hanging from an unlicenced fairground ride shortly before she is sent flying through the air in front of dozens of screaming children.

The startling incident took place in the El Quinche neighbourhood in the Ecuadorian capital Quito and the fairground has since been shut down.

In the video, the twisting fairground ride can be seen working normally when a teenage girl suddenly slips out of the protective barrier holding her in and can be seen dangling upside down as the ride continues spinning.

Children can be heard screaming as the girl continues hanging from the ride before she is thrown through the air in front of onlookers.

The fairground ride appeared to be functioning normally before the teenage girl suddenly slipped out of the protective barrier. Image: Australscope/CEN
The dramatic vision shows her flying from the ride into the crowd. Image: Australscope/CEN

The teenage girl, whose name has not been revealed, reportedly injured her hip afer falling to the ground when she was flung from the ride and was taken to a nearby hospital but is in a stable condition.

According to official sources, the accident could have been caused by a technical failure but authorities are also investigating the possibility of human error.

The fairground has been shut down after an official inspection found it did not have a licence to be operating. The process for obtaining the licence was reportedly still underway.

The investigation is ongoing.

– With Australscope.