Teen whose mum lied about his paternity speaks out

A teen who found out his mother lied about his paternity and tricked him into thinking a multi-millionaire was his father has spoken out.

UK teen Joel Mason, 19, had grown up thinking his father was Richard Mason co-founder of moneysupermarket.com but then learned that his dad had been infertile since birth due to a recently diagnosed medical condition.

He realised that him and his two brothers aged 19 and 23, were not Richard’s biological children and his mum Kate had lied about his paternity for almost two decades.

“I’ve not fallen out with Mum over this. We’re all OK,” Joel told MailOnline.

“She had just had an unhappy marriage and she wanted kids. And here we are.

“I never knew until a couple of years ago that Richard wasn’t my real dad.”

The revelation came after Richard was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis two years ago at Liverpool’s Broadgreen Hospital and learned he had been infertile since birth.

Richard Mason and his new wife Emma. Source: Facebook/Mirror

The disease prevents male sufferers from having children and the Mirror reported DNA tests confirmed Mr Mason’s worst fears.

The 55-year-old’s ex-wife, Kate, reportedly confirmed in 2016 , 10 years after the pair divorced, she had an on-and-off-again affair.

When Mr Mason and Kate divorced, she was given a settlement of about $7.15 million.

He also paid her a monthly amount of about $5,300 to contribute to the upbringing of the children.

Following the shock discovery, his former wife Kate was ordered to pay $446,000 for her deceit.

Richard plans to offer a reward to unveil the identity of their biological parent.