Teen wakes to terrifying find in her bedroom

A Queensland teen has had the fright of her life after being rudely awoken in the middle of the night by an unlikely intruder in her bedroom.

Ashleigh Muller, 15, from Brisbane, was woken to the sound of hissing before quickly realising a snake had emerged from her bedroom dresser shortly after 3.30am.

“I don’t think I’ve ever seen my dad sit up so fast in his life,” Ashleigh explained after running into her parents’ bedroom in horror.

A carpet python managed to sneak into Ashleigh’s bedroom without her realising. Source: Sunrise/ Caters
Fifteen-year-old Ashleigh Muller’s worst nightmare came true after being awoken by a hissing noise in the middle of the night. Source: Sunrise/ Caters

The terrified family called local snake catcher Tony Morrison who arrived on scene to safely remove the carpet python from the teen’s bedroom.

“It is becoming more common that they are found indoors,” Mr Morrison revealed.

“We’re going out in the suburb where we are right now every day and the majority are getting their way indoors. People are accidentally leaving the doors open and snakes are inviting themselves in.”

Ashleigh revealed the incident has been an eye opener that’s left her a little shook up.

Ashleigh and her mother relive the horrifying moment the snake emerged. Source: Sunrise/ Caters

“I am a bit traumatised. I have had to turn the lights on and off a few times before going to sleep. Thankfully, it is gone now and hopefully it is the last one,” she said.

While the snake was safely removed, Ashleigh’s nightmare may have been going on for days without her knowing.

Mr Morrison predicted the snake was most likely curled up inside the dresser for some time.

The seasoned snake catcher warned residents to be extra vigilant after the snake managed to sneak into what the Mullers believed was a secure home.

“As you can see… the window of Ashley’s bedroom and has screens and everything,” Ashleigh’s mother pointed out.