Teen stuns family at graduation ceremony

A US teenager who has cerebral palsy and was never expected to be able to walk has shocked her family by doing just that at her high school graduation.

Lexi Wright, 19, left her wheelchair and used a walker to cross a stage in her cap and gown to accept her diploma at the Ravenna High School ceremony last month, The Kent-Ravenna Record-Courier reports. 

The teen told WJW she “felt amazing” as she stepped out of her chair and walked across the stage. 

“I thought to myself, ‘Wow, I’m really doing this,’” she said.  

“All the people are so proud of me for what I did and that felt like a miracle.”

Lexi Wright, 19, has stunned her family and peers after walking at her graduation for the first time. Source: Kevin Graff/ Record Courier via AP

Her mother, Dede, said seeing her daughter walk for the first time as the audience gave her a standing ovation left her crying so much that she couldn’t even cheer.

“I was bawling my eyes out,” she said. 

The school’s principal, Beth Coleman, said Lexi had been practising all year. Ms Coleman added she was also brought to tears.

The teen said she simply wanted to surprise her family and was stunned by the crowd’s reaction as she was met with a standing ovation. She said she plans to keep working on walking.