Girl in tears after bullied at school for shaving her head for charity

Josh Dutton
News Reporter

Kyarah Doyle, 12, from Inverell in northern NSW, decided to shave her head for the Leukaemia Foundation World’s Greatest Shave on Thursday.

Her mum Jessica Smith told Yahoo7 “words can’t explain” how proud she is of Kyarah.

Kyarah Doyle, 12, from Inverell, decided to shave her head for Leukaemia Foundation World’s Greatest Shave on Thursday. She’s pictured here with mum Jessica Smith. Source: Supplied

“I’m absolutely over the moon,” Ms Smith said.

“Leukaemia is always something which has been close to my heart. I lost a high school friend to it.

“It was Kyarah’s own choice to do it.”

The 12-year-old had her brown locks shaved off and has raised nearly $800 for the charity.

But while her mum said her daughter was “selfless” for having all her hair cut off, fellow students at Inverell High School decided to taunt Kyarah when she returned to school on Monday.

Kyarah’s mum said she’s now being bullied at school for having a shaved head. Source: Supplied

Kyarah came home from school on Monday in tears and her mum is heartbroken.

“She was badly bullied,” Ms Smith said.

“She’s devastated and feels like she’s done the wrong thing. She shaved all her beautiful hair off and now she’s being targeted at school.

“She was bawling her eyes out and said kids were calling her ugly and asking why she chose to shave all her hair off.”

It was Kyarah’s decision to shave her head. Source: Supplied

Kyarah said she’s still “really upset” and spent Tuesday at home with her mum.

“There was a group of girls laughing about it,” she said.

“They were shouting things at me and I just keep thinking how stupid I was being to have been friends with them in the first place.”

“She was bawling her eyes out,” Kyarah’s mum said after she came home from school on Monday.

Ms Smith said she’s also angered the bullying occurred after the school had an anti-bullying information session earlier this month.

“I’m also angry the school didn’t explain to students why she had shaved her head,” she said.

“They should have taken her or students aside to explain why she had no hair.”

The mum claims she contacted the school but is yet to hear back.

An Inverell High School and Department of Education spokesperson told Yahoo7 in a statement the Year 7 students were told about Kyarah’s efforts at a whole year group meeting and a member of the school executive has responded to Ms Smith.

“Even though the mother’s daughter is not at school today, the school spoke to her by telephone and is already following up her concerns and if substantiated will take appropriate action,” the spokesperson said.

“The student will be provided with further support when she returns to school.”

The spokesperson added Kyarah didn’t tell staff about comments directed at her abd students are encouraged to report bullying.

“Bullying is not tolerated at Inverell High School,” the spokesperson said.

“The school proactively encourages students to report any concerns to a wide range of nominated staff or a trusted teacher. Any bullying, whether reported or observed, is addressed appropriately.”

To donate to Kyarah’s World’s Greatest Shave fundraiser click here.

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