Teen shares unbelievable exchange with Facebook 'psychic'

A teenager has shared a hilarious interaction his friend had on Facebook with a woman claiming to be a psychic, but she couldn’t seem to get any predictions right.

Matthew Currie, from Glasgow, Scotland shared the Facebook conversation his friend Niamh Gargan had with Brodie Mcdougall the woman claiming to be the psychic. He said she paid $18 for the reading.

The conversation starts with Ms Mcdougall asking Niamh for a photo. She obliges.

“You’re into beauty and hair, you love having a natural tan, you’re feeling fresh, you love banana and chocolate milkshake smoothies,” Ms Mcdougall says.

“You always have teeth whitening for your teeth, you want to settle down with someone.”

Ms Gargan responds by asking for something “spiritual”.

Niamh Gargan’s conversation with a woman claiming to be a psychic has gone viral. Source: Twitter/ Matthew Currie

“Sorry, can you send me my $18 back please as this is obviously fake,” she says.

But Ms Mcdougall claims she is  “not fake” but in the middle of doing a reading.

“Sorry, takes a lot of energy hunnie,” Brodie says.

“Your auntie died?”

“No,” Ms Gargan says.

The psychic explains someone close to her died who bought “Easter eggs all the time and hair clips”.

“I honestly don’t know anyone that does that,” Ms Gargan says.

Ms Mcdougall claims Ms Gargan is “always bored”.

It’s at this point Niamh’s had enough and asks for her money back via a PayPal link.

The psychic says Ms Gargan is pregnant. She replies she can’t have kids. Source: Twitter/ Matthew Currie

But Ms Mcdougall doesn’t stop her predictions.

“Yeah, I see a baby. I see you are going to be pregnant,” she says.

Ms Gargan explains she can’t have children.

“You adopted one or you will,” the psychic says.

Niamh claims she eventually got her money back. Source: Facebook/ Niamh Gargan

Clearly fed up, she asks for a refund again or threatens to report the psychic as a scam.

Ms Gargan later claimed on Twitter that she received a refund.

The screengrabs of the conversation have been retweeted more than 13,000 times and have more than 57,000 likes with many Twitter users in stitches.

“Omg, I’m dying,” one user tweeted.

Another Twitter user, Tom Boyd, shared his interaction with the same psychic.

Ms Mcdougall asks him for a photo and he sends her one of him on a cliff-side near the sea.

“You love fishing, you love to explore, climb mountains (and have) been on a couple of boats,” she says.

“I’m finished,” Mr Boyd wrote in the caption.

Ms Gargan wasn’t the only one left disappointed. Source: Twitter/ Tom Boyd