Teen reveals how he survived Mexican shooting massacre

A teenage boy who survived an ambush by a Mexican drug cartel which killed nine members of his family including his mum has told how he managed to escape.

Devin Langford, 13, could only watch on as his mum Dawna, 43, along with his brothers Trevor 11, and Rogan, 2, were killed after they were attacked while driving through northern Mexico on November 5.

Christina Langford Johnson, 31, Rhonita Miller, 30, were also killed along with a number of children.

They were travelling in separate cars to the Langford family.

Devin Langford, 13, and his dad David speak about the teen's horrifying ordeal. Source: Good Morning America/ ABC News

Ms Johnson initially tried to show she wasn’t a threat by waving her arms in the air before she was shot.

Devin protected and sheltered the seven surviving children with some of them suffering injuries from the shooting. 

The teen told Good Morning America his mum told him to “get right down” as the cartel shot at the family car.

Devin told GMA the cartel then ordered everyone out of the car, got them on the ground before driving off.

His sister Kylie, 14, was shot in the foot but survived. Their nine-month-old brother Brixon also sustained a bullet wound to the chest but also lived.

Members of the family return to the site where the nine people were killed. Source: Getty Images

Cody Greyson Langford, 8, had been shot in the jaw and bled profusely. 

Devin, who wasn’t injured, said he and a group of the children helped carry the wounded and hide them in a bush.

The 13-year-old then decided to try and find help and began walking more than 20km to La Mora – the Mormon community where his family lives.

He said he tried to move quickly as some of them were “bleeding really bad”.

Devin said his walk back to La Mora was petrifying given what he had just faced.

A woman is consoled at the site where members of her family were killed. Source: Getty Images

The boy said he wondered throughout the entire walk “if there was anybody else out there trying to shoot me or following me”.

He also tried to make sense and deal with the tragedy he had just witnessed which claimed the lives of his mum and two little brothers.

Devin’s dad David said it’s a miracle some of the children survived and hailed his son his siblings’ saviour.

“To be honest with you, my boy’s a hero simply because he gave his life for his brothers and sisters,” he told GMA.

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