Teen pilot ready for world record attempt

Darren Cartwright

Teen pilot Lachlan Smart says he's on target to leave on Monday to become the youngest person to fly solo around the world after a successful test run to Norfolk Island.

Smart earlier this week jettisoned the rear seats to fit a 680 litre fuel tank in the leased Cirrus SR22 single engine aircraft which he took on a test flight on Thursday to ensure it met safety standards.

The 18-year-old will leave from Sunshine Coast airport on Monday and it's estimated his around-the-world journey will take eight to 10 weeks and 24 stops to complete.

"The flight was brilliant. I had over-complicated the way the ferry tank would work a little in my mind. However, aside from that, the islands in the Pacific were amazing. It was a great experience," he told AAP by email.

He is expecting to fly through a low pressure system and a cold front on his return leg tomorrow.

"We'll need to watch for icing on the aircraft. I will have a headwind, so we will need to monitor it. This will give me testing conditions and I will learn plenty."

The Sunshine Coast teenager has titled his attempt Wings Around the World and he expects to travel almost 45,000km.

If successful he will become the youngest person in history to circumnavigate the globe solo, in a single engine aircraft.

The record is currently held by American Matt Guthmiller, from South Dakota, who was 19 years, seven months and 15 days, when he completed his six-week journey of more than 46,600km in 2014.