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Teen’s ‘Mean Girls’-inspired student council campaign video goes super viral on TikTok

Remember when running for student council meant taping up homemade posters all over school and asking your friends to spread the word? Well, if one teen’s recent TikTok is any indication, Gen Z has seriously raised the bar in that department.

With some help from her friends, the teenager put together a student council campaign video that’s currently sweeping the internet, and it has people all over the world yelling, “VOTE FOR MAYA!” (even if they have no idea who that is).

“Maya” is Maya Dodge (@maya4stuco), and while it’s unclear where exactly she goes to school or how old she is, you’ve gotta admit the girl knows a thing or two about branding.

The viral clip features students singing Maya’s praises — just not in the way that you might expect.

Instead of sharing why they’re voting for the student council candidate, they jokingly list various things they do just because Maya does them, too. (Which, as one viewer later points out, is an apparent reference to Regina George in Mean Girls.)

“Maya’s single so I broke up with my boyfriend!” one girl says with a laugh before pushing her boyfriend out of the frame.

“Maya likes boys, so I like boys!” two male students say in unison as they join hands and skip off into the distance.

“Maya said she likes my curly hair, so I never straightened it again,” another girl joked.

The video continues this way until one student faces the camera to say, “I’m voting for Maya for student council, and you should too!”

Ultimately, the campaign ad is meant to be lighthearted and humorous (hence the Mean Girls theme), and it’s clearly resonating with TikTok in a big way. Since posting the video earlier this month, it’s already received over 33 million views and 14.7 thousand comments.


“I’m not even american, but would vote for Maya,” added someone else.

A slew of others begged for a “Maya reveal” now that she’s gained so many loyal fans across the globe.

“The Maya reveal needs to be Maya being carried in on the field like Regina George was,” one person quipped.

In a follow-up video, Maya thanked her viewers for watching and spreading the word, but at the end of the clip, she “reveals” herself in a backwards hoodie, which totally blocks her face.

“SIKE!” she says to the camera, clearly enjoying her anonymity.

While we may never get a real glimpse at Maya, we hope she updates her fans again when — and if — she wins that student council seat.

We’re rooting for you, Maya!

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