Teen gets life in prison for strangling sister after fight over Wi-Fi password

A man who strangled his sister, killing her in a dispute over the WiFi password will spend life behind bars.

Kevon Watkins, of Alabama, was 16 when he choked his sister Alexus, 19, to death because he was angry sharing the connection was slowing down his Xbox in February 2, 2018.

The teen changed the password on returning home from school so he wouldn’t have to share it.

The brother and sister argued after Watkins confronted their mother as she tried to take the console out of his room.

According to the Macon District Attorney’s office, Watkins’ sister got between her mother and brother concerned the argument would escalate.

Kevon Watkins will spend life in jail for murdering his sister Alexus in 2018 during an argument. Source: Macon District Attorney and Facebook/ Alexus Watkins

The brother and sister fell to the floor and fought. Watkins held her in a chokehold for about 15 minutes until police arrived.

He didn’t release her until a police officer ordered him to. CPR was performed on the young woman but she was declared dead in hospital later that night.

Bibb County Superior Court Judge Verda Colvin said she found Watkins guilty of murder instead of voluntary manslaughter because his 13-year-old brother tried to get him to stop choking their sister.

“In those 10 minutes, she had to have stopped moving. Perhaps that wasn’t noticed by the defendant because he was still angry,” Ms Colvin said.

Watkins cried along with his family sitting on courtroom benches after the sentence was announced.

Ms Watkins tried to get between her mum and brother during the argument concerned it would escalate, the court heard. Source: Facebook/ Alexus Watkins

He was given a chance to speak before being led out of the courtroom, but the only thing that could be understood through his tears was “I’m sorry.”

“I think everyone understands,” the judge said.

“Including this court.”

Watkins told an investigator he and his sister argued nearly every day.

Ms Colvin said before she handed down her sentence that she was sorry the adults in his life let him down and never disciplined him or gave him the tools to deal with his anger.

“In this household, chaos was empowered,” Ms Colvin said.

“In this household, the ability to ignore and follow corrective discipline was empowered.”

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