'Thought I would die': Teen Instagrammer details kidnapping horror

A Brazilian teenager has bravely shared details of an eight hour kidnapping ordeal in which she was allegedly sexually abused, beaten and nearly strangled to death.

Kalliny Trevisan, 19, is a part-time model with 15,000 followers on Instagram and said she chose to reveal the terrifying details of her ordeal to encourage other victims of aggressive crimes to speak out.

“I want to show that the culture of rape and attacks on women are a real problem in our society.

“Today I am lucky to be alive. Many women don’t survive. I really thought I was going to die but I’m fine despite some bruises,” she told Bandeirantes TV. 

Ms Trevisan was on the way to work at a pharmaceutical lab around 8am on June 1 in Cotia, Greater São Paulo when she was abducted and forced into a car at knife point.

Her abductor, now identified as 37-year-old José Wilker dos Santos, had been stalking her for weeks leading up to the event and was waiting for her that morning.

Ms Trevisan’s screams were heard by the building’s security guards but by the time they were on the scene, she had been taken.

Blurry CCTV footage helped police to identify the vehicle as Santos’ wife’s car. 

She gave police details of her husband’s work address and a desperate city-wide manhunt was launched to capture Santos and his victim.

Kalliny Trevisan, 19, shared the details of her ordeal to empower other victims to speak up. Source: Instagram

Police used signals from Ms Trevisan’s mobile phone and security cameras to track the route of the car and she was reportedly found eight hours later with her hands and feet bound by rope, a chain around her neck and her head covered with a cloth as she lay on the floor of the car.

The abduction

According to police, Santos drove Ms Trevisan to a construction site he worked at where he allegedly sexually abused her and violently assaulted her for several hours.

“I cried and begged him to let me go and not to rape me. But he tied my hands and feet. I remember thinking my worst fears were coming true. I thought I was going to die. I thought about my family and started saying my goodbyes,” Ms Trevisan shared on Bandeirantes TV. 

When Santos left the vehicle Ms Trevisan quickly managed to loosen the ropes around her wrists and used her hand to slip under the noose around her neck so she could relieve some pressure and breathe properly but she panicked when she saw what Santos was doing.

“He started putting tools into the boot, I saw he had a spade and I was sure his intention was to dig a hole to bury me,” the terrified teenager said.

As he got back into the car Ms Trevisan said she heard people shouting at him to stop.

Moments later the ordeal came to a dramatic end with police stopping the vehicle and handcuffing Santos, just 3km from where Ms Trevisan had been abducted.

Police were not aware Ms Trevisan was in the car until they heard her screams from the back seat.

Kalliny Trevisan showed her injuries a split lip and mark around her neck from where her attacker allegedly tried to hang her. Source: Instagram

Ms Kelliny underwent tests and treatment at Pear Byington Hospital and was found to be dehydrated and weak after her ordeal but the teenager said the experience has made her realise her strength.

“I thought I was strong but after this I discovered strengths that I didn’t even know I had,” she said.

Ms Kelliny shared details on her Instagram account about the incident and thanked the police for saving her.

“I'm fine despite some bruises, as you can see, he tried to hang me,” she said showing the red mark around her neck and on her lip.

"I can only say that I was born again. I am not and will not be the first, but I am one of the few who managed to get out alive.

“Unfortunately, today I have become just another number but I have enormous strength and I thank everyone who intervened for me. I haven't stopped thinking for a second about how I’m not alone.

“I don't even know what to say, I'm still trying to understand things but I would like to say to everyone thank you very much and that I am fine," she concluded.

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