Teen hospitalised after sheep falls on him while hiking


The teen was hiking at Hare’s Gap in Northern Ireland on Saturday when a sheep fell on him. Source: Facebook/ Mourne Mountain Rescue Team

A teenage boy has been hospitalised after a sheep fell on him while he was hiking in the mountains.

The boy was hiking the Mourne Mountains in Northern Ireland on Saturday about 4.30pm local time, according to the Mourne Mountain Rescue Team.

But a sheep, which was jumping from an adjacent rock, fell and hit him.

He was treated for a number of injuries to his neck, head, back and abdomen before being carried from the track and transported to hospital.

The rescue team believe the sheep was uninjured as it left the area without help.

Earlier this week, several people were injured when a bull fell on them at the El Pilon de Falces, also known as the Falces Bullrunning Festival, in northern Spain.

The run consists of 800 metres along a narrow track involving steep slopes.

This year the bulls completed the run in just 58 seconds, but halfway down one of the slopes, a bull fell into a group of young men, causing several to be crushed.