Teen girl 'fighting hard' after freak speed boat accident leaves her in coma

The parents of a Perth teenager say their daughter is “fighting hard” to recover after a shocking speed boat accident.

Phoebe Knudsen, 17, is in an induced coma and fighting for life after she became stuck in her boat when it flipped over during a race on the Swan River.

The teen has been racing speed boats for three years, even winning the state’s 15 horsepower junior championship in 2017.

Phoebe Knudsen is fighting for her life after a horror crash on Perth’s Swan River. Source: 7News

But on Sunday that dream run came to horrifying end when her vessel flipped on a bumpy patch of water and she became trapped underneath.

“It was horrible, really horrible,” witness Grant Lauterbach said. “hope and pray for the family.”

Onlookers watched in horror as rescue divers pulled her from the upturned boat.

The 17-year-old flipped her boat on the river on Sunday. Source: 7News
It is understood the teen became stuck to the boat when it flipped. Source: 7News

West Australian Speed Boat Club’s Mark Motzouris said they had ensured “all safety measures were in place at the time of the accident.”

“For instance, we will always have two rescue boats on the water at any given time,” he said.

Phoebe’s family say it was a freak accident, releasing a statement on Monday saying she is a “very determined and strong young lady.”

“She’ll be fighting hard to recover and get back to the sport she loves,” they said.

It is understood that Phoebe became attached to her speedboat during the accident, trapping her underneath after it flipped.

The Department of Transport are continuing their investigations into the crash.

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