Teen gang terrorises supermarket staff in violent attack

A group of teenagers has stormed a supermarket in Queensland in a brazen attack, assaulting staff with weapons and making off with a charity donation box.

In what is believed to be a coordinated attack, the group can be seen on security camera grabbing broomsticks from the shelves and launching an attack on two staff members in the Rockhampton IGA.

It’s believed the group is made up of 10 youths, the youngest being 11-years-old.

It's believed the group of 10 youths were organised, taking items from the shelves to use as weapons. Source: 9News

After assaulting the male and female IGA employees, the members of the violent gang made off with cigarettes and a charity container full of change from the register.

According to 9News, the youths were responsible for an attempted robbery just hours earlier on another supermarket in the area.

They fled the scene at the Foodworks store empty handed after throwing items and damaging property.

The group took broomsticks from the shelves and used them to attack the two staff members at the registers. Source: 9News

Jim Edwards from Queensland police told media that the teens didn’t manage to steal high value items but the vicious assault left the staff members requiring medical treatment.

“Petty items, it wasn’t big ticket items but (they) will go to extremes to get it,” he said.

Police have arrested a 14-year-old girl over the incident, charging the teenager with armed robbery and are still on the hunt for the rest of the group.

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