Teen films TikTok video at crash scene after flipping car

A teenage girl has been criticised for uploading a TikTok video after flipping her car in a serious accident.

Katie Cornetti, 16, was in the passenger seat of her friend’s car in Pittsburgh in the US last month when their car flipped over, Fox News reports.

The group called emergency services as they were trapped in the car.

Video uploaded to Twitter shows Katie lip syncing a song while her friend Marissa, who was driving, remains seated next to her.

The windshield is smashed.

The TikTok video was shared on Twitter with people criticising the pair.

Pictured is Katie Cornetti, 16, and a smashed windshield from a car she's trapped inside.
Katie Cornetti, 16, films a TikTok video inside the car she crashed in. Source: TikTok/ Katie Cornetti

“Seriously? What’s wrong with people?” one woman tweeted.

Another called it “kind of sad”.

The pair later posted another TikTok video - reenacting their accident in a bedroom and joking about “getting out of the car like nothing happened.”

It’s not clear if anyone was charged over the crash.

Katie later told Buzzfeed News she and her friend were uninjured in the crash.

The teen also explained why she filmed TikTok, which was the “first thing that came to mind” after the crash.

Katie Cornetti, 16, pictured with a friend.
Katie (right) pictured with the driver of the car Marissa. Source: Instagram/ Katie Cornetti

She told the publication her and her friend used the app as a coping mechanism to deal with what had happened to them.

"We saw [the window] shatter and we look at each other, and were like, 'Are you OK? Are you OK?' Once we figured out we were all OK, we started laughing," she said.

"We're best friends and this is how we coped together."

She added she had “nothing better to do”.

The teen also claims the accident occurred as her friend lost control of the vehicle during a turn on a windy road.

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