Teen filmed crawling from fiery plane wreckage that killed his parents

A teenage boy has been filmed crawling out of the flaming wreckage of a small plane that crashed, killing his father and step-mother.

Greg Boaz, his wife Julie and son Peyton were on board the single-engine Cessna 210 when it came crashing down, striking trees and a powerline on its flight from Arkansas to Detroit on Sunday night (local time).

Terrifying vision taken at the scene shows flames engulfing the wreckage before the 17-year-old comes crawling out, much to the shock of witnesses.

The Texas teenager, who was filmed stumbling away from the plane, is now in a critical condition at a Detroit hospital.

The teenager can be seen rolling out of the flaming wreckage. Source: WXYZ
He is now in a critical condition in a Detroit hospital. Source: WXYZ

Air safety investigator Andrew Todd Fox said on Monday that no conclusive cause has been determined for the crash.

He said the plane was cleared to land on Sunday night at a small municipal airport on Detroit’s east side when the pilot reported one landing gear was not extended.

Mr Fox said the pilot was circling back to the airport when he told the control tower he was either “low on fuel or out of fuel”.

National Transportation Safety Board air safety investigator Andrew Todd Fox briefs reporters Monday at the scene of the fatal crash in Detroity. Source: AP

Police praised witness Cordell Owens for saving Peyton after he used an axe to put a hole in the plane’s fuselage.

“The plane crashed and we start running towards it and it was a small plane and the flames were out of control, it started burning and the gentleman in the plane started hollering and screaming, and that was when I went to work,” he told WXYZ.

“I feel real good about it… I don’t feel like a hero, but it is something that I had to do,” he said.