Teen dies protecting younger cousin in bear attack

WARNING, GRAPHIC CONTENT: A heroic teen has died after protecting his younger cousin from a vicious bear attack as they were walking home.

Rodion Burakov, 16, and Boris Burakov, 13, were walking home from a sauna which was 14 kilometres away from their village in Lazo, eastern Russia.

However, their walk was cut short when a brown bear launched at Boris, wounding him.

Rodion distracted the bear by running past it, which gave his younger cousin the chance to escape. Boris reached the village and asked firefighters for help.

However, the rescue crew returned to discover the bear had mauled the boy and buried his body.

“The bear rushed at the 13-year-old, and… the older relative, trying to protect the younger one, distracted the bear’s attention to himself,” a spokesman for the Investigative Committee said, The Siberian Times reported.

Rodion Burakov, 16, was killed by a bear in Russia. Source: The Siberian Times

“As a result the 13-year-old was able to escape and report the predator’s attack.

“The older teenager died from the claws of a bear as he protected (his cousin).”

Rodion suffered fatal injuries including a scalped head wound, an open skull fracture and his lower and upper limbs were torn off.