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Teen daughter thrills mom when she invites her to a movie night: ‘The way her face lit up’

A sweet moment between a mom and her teen daughter is currently going viral on TikTok, and it’s bringing out all of the feels in people.

The video, which now has over 3.8 million views, was posted by TikToker Danielle Sylvester (@sylvester_danielle_), a popular digital creator who often shares little glimpses into her life at home with a teenage daughter.

Many of her videos feature heartfelt parenting content, like the time she recently shared things every parent should tell their kids — starting with “I’m sorry” whenever they’ve messed up.

But there’s something about one of Sylvester’s latest clips that really seems to have struck a chord with moms across TikTok.

In it, her daughter films from her bedroom as she calls out to Sylvester.

“Mom! Do you want to watch a movie with me? And have like girls’ night and catch up?” the teen asks.

While standing in the doorway, Sylvester immediately perks up, gives her daughter a great big smile, and says, “Yeahhh! Hold on … “

Just 10 minutes later, she enters her daughter’s bedroom once more — this time carrying a tray full of juice, fruit, and other fun snacks.

But that’s not all.

“And I got your dammit doll, in case you have anything frustrating to say,” Sylvester tells her, referring to the popular stress-relieving tool. “And I got mine.”

“You excited?” her daughter asks — to which Sylvester says, “Yes! What are we watching?”

Though the short clip may not seem like much, it has resonated deeply with thousands of TikTokers, who have left all sorts of comments on the post.

“I think I can speak for all Moms,” wrote one user. “We live for moments like this!”

“The way her face lit up,” another person added. “I love doing this with my mom.”

But not all of the comments were from people who could relate.

“Bro I wish my mom was like this,” one person admitted.

“I wish my mom wanted to spend time with me like this … ” another mused.

“This made me tear up because I never had this,” someone else shared.

Others simply took the clip as a reminder of the kind of relationship they hope to build one day with their own daughter — whether or not they had it themselves.

“I hope to be a mom just like [you] one day,” one person wrote.

“Love the connection and positive energy,” said another.

“[Your] relationship is goals!” wrote someone else.

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