'You're scaring me!': Chilling Snapchat video shows teen speeding at 160km/h

A P-plater has filmed herself speeding and driving recklessly in Snapchat footage startlingly similar to that captured moments before Shania McNeill’s death.

A passenger could be heard using expletive language while urging the female driver, who was going 160km/h, to slow down.

The alarming Snapchat video was taken at night on a New South Wales road and showed the car drifting into the oncoming lane, 7News reported.

The shocking Snapchat video shows a teenage driver travelling at 160km/hr, and at at times, drifting on to the wrong side of the road. Source; 7News via Snapchat

A male passenger could be heard saying, “I won’t lie to you, you’re ******* scaring me”, prompting the driver to call him a “p****”.

In another video, a woman believed to be the driver, filmed herself saying she had been pulled over by police after almost “binning” her car twice.

“Well I thought this night couldn’t get any worse. (I got) pulled over by the cops, almost binned my car twice, and now I have a flat f****** tyre,” she told the camera.

“Just a word of advice, don’t try and drift an All Wheel Drive Subaru,” she said.

The driver was shown drifting onto the wrong side of the road at excessive speed. Source: 7News via Snapchat

NSW Traffic and Highway Command has condemned the behaviour, describing it as "dangerous and risky".

"Anyone viewing this video would find it quite shocking. This is a very foolish act, a young person on her phone in her vehicle with a passenger and other road users at great risk,” Chief Inspector Phillip Brooks said.

NSW Police confirmed to Yahoo News Australia it was aware of the video and was making inquiries.

The terrifying footage shows a striking resemblance to a Snapchat video that captured 21-year-old Ms McNeill’s final moments playing “chicken” with other cars.

The video bore a striking resemblance to one that showed Shania McNeill's final moments of playing "chicken". Source: Snapchat

She was driving with two female friends in Berkshire Park, in Sydney’s west, when she crashed with another vehicle at about 1.15am and died.

Video shot just before the collision showed Ms McNeill behind the wheel playing up to the camera.

The other vehicle’s driver, Dennis Sales, was seriously injured, and Ms McNeill’s two friends Faeda Hunter, 20, and Hazel Wildman, 23, required hospital treatment.

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