Teen breaks ankle fleeing officers: police

A teenager accused of pushing a Protective Services Officer at a Melbourne train station then broke his ankle while trying to make a run for it.

On Wednesday police defended how the youth was handled when officers caught up with him.

The 16-year-old was arrested at Bayswater train station, in Melbourne's east, early on Sunday on suspicion of criminal damage and after initially providing a fake name.

"He has ... pushed one of our PSOs and then attempted to flee down a set of seven stairs," Superintendent Peter Ward told reporters on Wednesday.

"He has, during that process, sustained a significant injury to his ankle."

Photos and footage of the incident were posted on Facebook, showing the teen with a snapped ankle.

In the video, a bystander can be heard screaming: "He's got a broken ankle, he's not resisting," as officers pinned the boy facedown.

The Facebook page also posted comments from an unnamed man said to be the teen's father, who accused officers of stomping on his son's foot.

"The pso officers told him he was under arrest, wouldn't give a reason and didn't believe who he said he was," the post read.

"So a kid tells them to f*** off and he ends up in hostpital (sic) with a foot so smashed up from them stomping on it.

"I want these pieces of shit named and shamed until something is done."

Supt Ward rejected allegations the boy's foot was stomped on and said police had not received a complaint about the arrest.

"We're disappointed in those allegations or suggestions our members behaved in that way," he said.

While Supt Ward was satisfied the PSOs behaved appropriately, he conceded the footage was confronting.

"When you look at the footage, the ankle is quite disfigured," he said, adding the PSOs realised the boy was injured after his arrest.

The 16-year-old, previously known to police, remained in hospital on Wednesday afternoon and is expected to be interviewed at a later date.