Teen accused of shooting his cousin over salt and vinegar chips

A teenager has been accused of shooting his cousin after an argument about salt and vinegar potato chips.

Ryan Dean Langdale, 19, allegedly warned his 17-year-old cousin not to eat his potato chips, then shot him with a hunting rifle through the chest, Fox8 Cleveland reported.

The victim was rushed to a local hospital for emergency surgery and survived the attack.

However, Mr Langdale told authorities that his cousin accidentally shot himself on September 29, according to local outlet the Post and Courier.

Mr Langdale said that his cousin dropped a hunting rifle while cleaning it, thus shooting himself.

Ryan Dean Langdale (pictured) allegedly shot his cousin over potato chips. Source: Fox8

However, authorities soon realised that the story didn’t add up as the angle of the gun shot wound was inconsistent with a self-shooting.

Their suspicions were confirmed when the man’s cousin woke up a week later and told authorities that Mr Langdale shot him after a dispute about salt and vinegar chips.

The victim denies eating the chips in question.

Mr Langdale now faces charges of attempted murder, using a firearm in a violent crime and obstructing justice in the critical wounding of cousin. His bail has been set at $77,000 [AUD].

The pair argued about salt and vinegar chips before the shooting. Source: Getty (file pic)