Ted Lasso star talks “enigmatic” new pixie character in Renegade Nell

Ted Lasso star Nick Mohammed has opened up on his "enigmatic" new pixie character from Disney Plus show Renegade Nell.

Starring Derry Girls alum Louisa Harland as the titular renegade, the historical fantasy series sees the quick-witted Nell find herself framed for murder and "unexpectedly become the most notorious outlaw in 18th Century England", per its official description.

She is joined by Mohammed as the sprite Billy Blind, who often bestows Nell with supernatural strength and fighting skills.

Speaking to Digital Spy about the historical fantasy series alongside Harland, Mohammed has opened up about the "enigmatic" character.

nick mohammed, the ballad of renegade nell

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Answering why Billy chooses to share his identity with Nell, Mohammed said: "It’s a good question. I think he realises that the story is a tipping point, in terms of Nell’s journey, and her greater mission."

The Ted Lasso star continued, saying that Billy finds purpose in the larger plot lines of the series.

"Ultimately, they go on a mission to prevent dark forces from overthrowing the Queen of England," he said.

"So there is this sense that actually Nell has been put on the planet for something much greater than even the ... more domestic problem of being wrongly accused of murder, and so on."

louisa harland, renegade nell

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Speaking further about his character, Mohammed explained that Billy is "quite enigmatic".

"I mean, he’s a funny… Not 'funny', I don’t mean that, actually. He’s quite enigmatic, Billy.

"When he first appears, he doesn’t quite know why he’s there. He even voices that. He says, 'I don’t quite know why I’m here, but I know I’m here for a reason, and I guess we’ll have to find it out.' He almost says that verbatim to Nell, much to her frustration."

Renegade Nell is available to stream on Disney+ from March 29.

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