Nike+ Sportwatch
<br /><br />Nike+ Sportwatch GPS powered by TomTom<br /><br />Nike has been at the cutting edge of the fitness gadgets scene, first with the FuelBand and now with the Nike+Sportwatch GPS. Where the FuelBand is a pedometer that converts your daily activity into calories burned, the Sportwatch requires you to be a little more proactive: it's for dedicated joggers.<br />To this end, its features are all focused on your running activity. It includes the ability to record laps, using a TomTom-powered GPS to track your distance, time, pace, heart rate and calories burned. Via the Nikeplus website, you can also see your mapped route (including changes in elevation) and, on the watch itself, you can view your run history and set exercise reminders.<br />AU $199

Gadgets do magnificent things these days — even down to helping you exercise. Here is a collection of our favourite tech for getting in shape.

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