Animals with iPads!
Animals with iPads!

We'll start by stating: yes, we know these aren't all iPads.

After rigorous scientific investigation, we have concluded that this frisky kitten is playing Pocket Pond HD.

Apparently, as cats mature, they develop mad skills — as demonstrated by this Fruit Ninja expert.

Why should cats get all the fun? This manic puppy is defying all labels! Games for Cats ... and dogs, thank you very much.

We feel a little sorry for this bearded dragon, playing Ant Smasher on an HTC Inspire; she looks as though she genuinely thinks she's going to get some food.

It is not so easy, however, to mess with frogs.

Or chameleons.

This little capuchin monkey, named Thor, seems more curious about how the iPad works, rather than actually interested in playing Angry Birds Space.

How about a ... er ... musically talented cockatiel, having a go on FingerPiano?

Ever wanted to hear an auto-tuned husky? Say thank you to LaDiDa...

And here's our absolute, all-time favourite: lions and tigers and ocelots, oh my! Those big cat paws don't look like they're nimble enough for Game for Cats...

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