The amazing Invisible Mercedes-Benz
The amazing Invisible Mercedes-Benz

Last year, to promote its hydrogen fuel cell propulsion technology, Mercedes-Benz drove a fleet of fuel cell-powered B-Classes around the world. CNET Australia was lucky enough to test drive one around the streets of Sydney, and we came away mightily impressed.

The company has well and truly topped its 'round-the-world shenanigans by making one its B-Class fuel cell prototype vehicles almost invisible. We say "almost", because only one side is fitted with this invisibility cloak, and you can still see the car's wheels. Nonetheless, it's pretty darn cool.

How did Mercedes achieve this? The company mounted a Canon EOS 5D Mark II on one side of the car, and cloaked the other in rubber sheeting covered with LEDs. The massive LED array then displayed live footage from the camera, allowing onlookers to see through the car.

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