CES 2012: What we know so far
LAS VEGAS — The 2012 Consumer Electronics Show doesn't officially open until Tuesday, but that hasn't stopped a flood of product announcements and leaks in the days leading up to the show.<br /><br /> While many of these products don't have full details — such as the ever-elusive pricing and availability — the 2012 preshow news slate is longer and more impressive than any year we can remember. The two main reasons for that are the late start of the show (sometimes it begins right after New Year's Day; this year it's over a week later), and the fact that rival manufacturers are more aggressive than ever in trying to one-up the competition.<br /><br />But whatever the reason, it's great news for tech fans looking for a sneak peek at the latest and greatest gadgets. Click through the photos to see some of the biggest highlights of the early news so far.

The CES floor is yet to open, but news is leaking like the the hull of the Titanic. And it's looking pretty exciting.

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