• BusinessEngadget

    Spotify tests Apple's resolve with new pricing update in the EU

    Spotify submitted a new update for Apple's approval that would display pricing right in the app.

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  • SciencePopular Mechanics

    A New Theory Says Dark Matter Actually Shaped the Universe

    The Big Bang’s mysteries get a new twist.

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  • BusinessTechCrunch

    India's ICICI Bank exposed thousands of credit cards to 'wrong' users

    ICICI Bank, one of India's top private banks, exposed the sensitive data of thousands of new credit cards to customers who were not their intended recipients. The Mumbai-based bank confirmed to TechCrunch Thursday that its digital channels "erroneously mapped" about 17,000 credit cards issued in the past few days to "wrong" users. The issue came to light after some customers raised concerns on social media about the bank's iMobile Pay app exposing unknown customers' credit card details, includ

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  • TechnologyTechCrunch

    Watch it and weep (or smile): Synthesia's AI video avatars now feature emotions

    Generative AI has captured the public imagination with a leap into creating elaborate, plausibly real text and imagery out of verbal prompts. Now, Synthesia -- one of the ambitious AI startups working in video, specifically custom avatars designed for business users to create promotional, training and other enterprise video content -- is releasing an update that it hopes will help it leapfrog over some of the challenges in its particular field. Unlike other generative AI players like OpenAI, w

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  • BusinessTechCrunch

    Meta could face further squeeze on surveillance ads model in EU

    Meta's tracking ads business could be facing further legal blows in the European Union: An influential advisor to the bloc's top court affirmed Thursday that the region's privacy laws limits on how long people's data can be used for targeted advertising. In the non-legally binding opinion, Advocate General Athanasios Rantos said use of personal data for advertising must be limited. This is important because Meta's tracking ads business relies upon ingesting vast amounts of personal data to bui

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  • EntertainmentPopular Mechanics

    Tiny Bronze Alexander the Great Portrait Found in Field in Denmark

    “When it showed up on my desk, I nearly fell out of my chair.”

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  • BusinessYahoo Finance

    Stock market today: US futures tumble after Meta's reality check, with GDP on deck

    Meta's AI reality check has dented hopes for a Big Tech revival for stocks, with a GDP update waiting in the wings.

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