Tech glitches mar end of Russian lockdown

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Technical difficulties have marred Russia's attempt to exit a partial coronavirus lockdown, with many digital vaccination certificates inexplicably inaccessible or altered.

The Kremlin mentioned a "technical problem" in comments to online news service, as scores of Russian residents complained that QR codes used to prove vaccination status had incorrectly expired or that some meant to last for a year had expired after only six months.

A government spokesperson said people should rest assured that the codes are valid for one year while the ministry in charge of the digitalisation project said the problems had already been fixed.

A QR code showing that one has been vaccinated is required for access to many public spaces.

Interest in getting out is great because Monday marks the first day after a week off from work - ordered by President Vladimir Putin to slow the virus' spread - and many Russians want to get to stores that have been closed for the past week.

Russia has been logging about 40,000 new infections and about 1000 new deaths a day due to the coronavirus.

Five regions opted to extend the work-free period by a week in hopes of further stabilising the health situation.

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