'A wonderful human': Teacher praised after kind act for student in wheelchair

A teacher offered to carry one of his students on his back, so the little girl wouldn’t have to miss out on her school excursion.

Shelly King was preparing an ‘alternative field trip day’ for her daughter, Ryan, 10, has Spina Bifida and she uses a wheelchair to get around.

Shelly didn’t think her daughter would be able to go on the field trip to Falls of the Ohio, which isn’t wheelchair accessible.

However, one of the male teachers volunteered to help out.

Ryan is just 10 years old and has had over 30 surgeries. Source: Facebook - Team Ryan.

“I’m happy to tote her around on the falls all day!” the male teacher said, according to Shelly’s Facebook post.

The teacher has been identified as Jim Freeman from Tully Elementary School by WHAS.

“We are sooooo blessed to have an ENTIRE school that is so compassionate and empathetic and NEVER make her feel left out,” Shelly said.

The ‘Team Ryan’ Facebook page shared photos of Ryan on the school trip, on the teacher’s back.

“These are the things that the news should be talking about. These beautiful people should be shared with the world, to see and inspire,” the Facebook page said.

According to the Team Ryan Facebook page, Ryan has had 32 surgeries. Shelly found out Ryan had Spina Bifida when she was five months pregnant.

A teacher offered to carry Ryan around all day on his back, so she wouldn't miss out on the excursion. Source: Team Ryan - Facebook.

“Ryan is a fighter, she is a warrior, she is an inspiration. She is amazing,” the Facebook page says.

“She has fought so hard to be here with us and has changed us as a family, as individuals so much we are determined to give back to her.”

The Facebook post has been inundated with comments from people saying how much they appreciated Mr Freeman’s actions.

“Love the fact my son is learning from this teacher!” One parent wrote in the comments.

“Mr Freeman is a wonderful human being and a great example to all our children at Tully!”

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