Teacher's simple invention to protect children from shooter

A US teacher has invented what she believes is a solution that could help protect her and her students if an active shooter were to ever enter the school.

Kansas-city teacher Tiffany Parker keeps a six-inch piece of fire hose near the top of her classroom door, hanging by a magnet, US broadcaster KMBC reported.

The hose can then be slid over the automatic door closing mechanism at the top of her classroom door. She keeps her invention hanging by the magnet nearby so she can quickly use it in an emergency.

She calls it the safety sleeve.

The teacher created this safety sleeve to be prepared for an active shooter situation. Source: KMBC

The teacher designed the safety sleeve to help protect students in the event of an active shooter situation. Source: KMBC

“All you simply do is slide it over the door hanger arm, push it in snug, and that’s it,” she said.

Ms Parker had hoses lying around lately because she used them to mark lines during volleyball drills when she coached at Tonganoxie High School, but no longer needed them because she doesn’t coach anymore.

Citing “extremely tight” school budgets and a desire to “protect kids,” the teacher said she would rather be prepared than not be prepared when it came to such a serious possibility of danger.

After receiving the blessing of the school’s principal, Ms Parker cut about 120 Safety Sleeves from one fire hose with a serrated kitchen knife and now every teacher and classroom in the school has one.

According to KMBC, she doesn’t have any plans to make money off the idea. Instead, she hopes fire departments and schools across the country replicate the idea.
“I want to protect kids,” she said.

She said the safety sleeve stays in place on the door because of the rubber on the hose.