Teacher's heartwarming move for student mum goes viral

A university lecturer has warmed the hearts of thousands after nursing the sick baby girl of one of her students so she could take an exam.

Texan woman Kate Lewis, 22, was unable to find a babysitter so as last resort texted her professor, Doctor Julie George, asking if she could mind her daughter, Allie, while she took her test.

Dr George excitedly accepted the request and held Allie until her mother finished her test, with heartwarming photos showing the pair getting along fabulously.

The professor offered to care for the newborn three weeks earlier, when Ms Lewis had jokingly complained about a test being set just two weeks after she gave birth, Good Morning America reported.

Dr George was more than happy to hold the newborn while Ms Lewis sat her test. Source: Facebook/Natalie Norman

“I had told Dr George jokingly that I was mad at her because I had to leave my two-week-old baby for the first time. She said that she would have been happy to hold her,” Ms Lewis said.

So when she got stuck for help again, she posed the “unconventional” question to Dr George, who of course was more than happy to help.

Precious photos taken by another student were shared to Facebook this week, with the tiny baby seen draped in a pink blanket and Dr George gazing at her adoringly.

Baby Allie was nursed by Dr George while her mother took an exam. Source: Facebook/Natalie Norman

It wasn’t the first time Ms Lewis came up against the struggle of balancing parenthood with her nursing degree.

In a superhuman effort to have a weighty portion of her study complete before her baby arrived, she finished 16 weeks of clinical trials in just six weeks.

Despite needing to dash out of tests multiple times to throw up due to morning sickness, Ms Lewis remained determined to finish her studies.

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