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The best Prime Day deals for teachers, starting at $6: Only a few more hours to save!

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As a former teacher, I know that summer brings little actual downtime for teachers. When they're not tutoring, teaching summer school, leading camps or juggling side gigs, they're outfitting their classrooms for the fall. We'd love to see them do it without breaking the bank. I talked to teachers about what's on their wish/needs list. Turns out, many of their most-wanted items are majorly on sale for Prime Day 2. Whether you're shopping for your family or a teacher in your life, you can take advantage of these discounts — extra deep because of overstock across the retail industry — till midnight.

Erase 75% off these dry erase markers

I've tossed countless dry erase duds in my time, but Expo dry erase markers tend to last. That's why teachers ask for Expo by name, and this 36-pack is a total steal right for Prime Day at just $16 (was $66).

One of the 16,700-plus five-star reviewers said, "As a teacher, I prefer Expo. It's like Crayola vs RoseArt. We all know there's a quality difference. I specifically bought these for my son when his teacher requested new dry erase markers. Since I know personally the quality difference (longevity, easy to remove, doesn't stain, caps easily, doesn't dry out within a few minutes) I splurged on these. If you also love the teachers in your kids lives (they love your kids 8 hours a day), spare them a headache and get Expo brand."

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Prime day dels for teachers: Sharpies, masking tape, X-Acto pencil sharpener, microscope
Prime day deals for teachers: School supplies are on mega-sale for Prime Day! (Photos: Amazon)

Highlight this: Get 71% off!

My personal fave, Sharpie highlighters are bright, long-lasting and won't muddy up what's written beneath. No wonder they've racked up an overall 4.8 rating from some 4,000 reviewers. One teacher raves: These highlighters leave a rich color that is sheer enough to see through. I love them. I am a teacher, and I bought this large pack to have my students work on highlighting the parts of their essays. They are PERFECT. Highly recommend!"

Craft tape for $2 a roll

Masking tape is a must in the classroom, for temporary hanging, making artwork, labeling and much more. Stock up while these are marked down. Writes a fan: "Art teacher approved," A fourth-grade teacher added, "This tape tears easily, is the perfect texture for writing on. I love the fact that it states it will not leave a sticky residue when removing."

A magical $21 notebook

Every teacher deserves a personal secretary. This letter-size notebook/calendar is the next best thing. It can be used, scanned and wiped clean again and again — and it's 42% off!

One thrilled shopper wrote: "Seriously the best invention ever!! It combines...weekly calendar pages, to-do/project list, monthly calendar, grid/graph paper, and notebook paper. As a high school teacher, I love planning lesson plans in my Rocketbook Fusion by week and month — I know assessment dates and it's easy to plan the standards/learning targets to cover. I also use the graph paper to create math worksheets for students...App is super easy to use: The camera hovers over the Rocketbook pages and scans via the QR cloud."

Shave 60% off this X-Acto sharpener

Leave it to blade-master X-Acto to make a fierce pencil sharpener. And it's got 6,600 five-star ratings. One very impressed pleased teacher wrote: "This is an extremely quiet and effective pencil sharpener. I am a teacher and most pencil sharpeners either work well but are very loud or are quiet but aren't powerful enough. This is by far the best sharpener I've used!"

Six cents a wipe!

Let's face it, there will always be germs and thus always a need for disinfectant wipes in the classroom. Get a whopping 61% off this bundle of 15 Clorox wipes for Prime Day! "

Fidget fun, $4 each

Younger children especially crave calming sensory play in the classroom. Keep them in a quiet time corner, in every student's desk, or in the classroom prize box. This colorful four-pack, now just $24, is appropriate for students over age 3.

One five-star reviewer reports, "The kids in my classroom were all about these sensory tubes as soon as they caught sight of the box. The fascination remains, even after a number of weeks; the one with a button at the base which manipulates the water and/or propels bits of glitter in mesmerizing swirls of lux is by far the favorite of the 4 options...Great products at a surprisingly low cost. I'll likely purchase another set for other classrooms to enjoy."

72 markers at 71% off

For permanent markings, Sharpie pens are a teacher favorite. I used these in the classroom and still use them almost daily with my child for rock art, card making, mixed media, making knockoff Shrinky Dinks (tip: just buy plastic sheets), even drawing good-luck messages on her for swim meets. So nab all the Sharpies you could ever want now for just $13 (was $54). As one of the 6,000-plus five-star fans put it: "This is an impulse buy I don't regret. This box really covers a near life-time supply of Sharpies with all the variety and colors any person - from average to artist - might need. I do recommend it if you’re in the market for Sharpies."

Zoom in on this $24 microscope

A good classroom investigation often includes a closer look, and perhaps even a Petri dish. Preschoolers and grade-schoolers alike will adore collecting samples and creating and viewing slides with this $24 microscope kit, adored by 17,700 fans.

"Great beginner microscope," writes an informed shopper. "I have a degree in biology..., so I have plenty of experience using lab-quality microscopes. This microscope produces a reasonable level of clarity and magnification...This is more than good enough to introduce your child (or even adults) to the world of microscopy. The kit is great, and will give the user plenty of things to do with the microscope. A few prepared slides, and tools to make some simple slides of your own are included, along with the brine shrimp kit...A few tips: make sure that what you are trying to view is in the center of the aperture (where the light comes through), and always start on the lowest magnification."

Recommended for ages 5 to 12.

Less than 50 cents a pop!

Forgot to pack a snack? You'll be grateful to have a stash of these on-hand. Nab 20 packs for $12! One pleased parent writes, "Great taste. Whitout lots of unhealthy staff like the other snacks. My kids love it!

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