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Teacher fired over sexy photos now making 30 TIMES more on OnlyFans

A nursery teacher sacked over a set of raunchy bikini pictures has told of how she is now earning a fortune on OnlyFans.

Elis Nebsniak had been working at a private school in Curitiba, southern Brazil, for five years before she was dismissed over her sexy social media snaps.

Faced with no salary coming in, the 28-year-old decided to start selling adult content on OnlyFans and Privacy.

Her decision, she said, was supported by her husband and family.

And now Elis's story has been hitting headlines all over Brazil after she posed on the cover of the popular magazine Sexy this month.

OnlyFans model Elis Nebsniak wears a green bikini and sits on a green motorbike.
The former teacher is now making 30 times more on OnlyFans. Source: Newsflash

Elis spoke about her sacking, telling local media she was always "modest" while working.

"It was a nursery school and I had always worked by the rules, including being in uniform. At work, I showed a serious attitude and I was completely modest. There was no reason to sack me. It was a shock, I experienced prejudice first-hand.

"Management said that I didn't fit in with the school's conduct. I felt so bad that I just wanted to distance myself from the school and those people. I became depressed."

But Elis seems to have had the last laugh, as she now earns many times more than she did as a teacher.

"I was already doing some work as a model, I liked being photographed and I felt hot. I thought, 'Why not make money from it?' I created my profile and in my first month I made BRL 30,000 (A$8213), which is 30 times what I was earning at the school."

She also spoke of when she was invited to be photographed nude for Sexy, telling local media: "It was a surprise. For me, it's a dream come true.

"Posing nude is nothing new for me, but for a magazine it has a special taste. It has status, glamour. The session was incredible and very different from my normal content."

She said being fired from her job turned out to be a blessing in disguise and she's now even working as a DJ.

"It was liberating. I took on my sexy side and changed my life. I made lemonade out of lemons and today I am independent and happier.

"In addition to being a model and content creator, I want to travel as 'DJ Sexy Beatz'. I'm going to launch a tour soon."

- Newsflash/Australscope

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