Teacher convicted of raping 12-year-old student tells her story in emotional TV interview

A former US primary school teacher convicted of raping a 12-year-old student before marrying him years later has done a controversial TV interview detailing her story.

Mary Kay Letourneau served more than seven years in jail after being convicted of raping Vili Fualaau, one of her students, in 1997.

She was a 34-year-old married mother of four at the time. The pair eventually married on her release in May 2005, when Vili was 22 years old.

In a new US TV documentary called Mary Kay Letourneau: Autobiography, Letoureanu has detailed her relationship with her former student.

Mary Kay Letourneau has given her side of the story after being jailed for raping a student who is now her husband. Source: A&E

“Am I sorry he’s the father of my children?” Letourneau said. “No, I’m not.” 

The documentary tells of how Letourneau met Mr Fualaau as a child and how their relationship began before she was jailed for more than two months. 

She gave birth to Mr Fualaau’s child before serving a prison sentence. On getting out, she recalls how she planned to see him again despite being ordered to stay away from him by a judge. 

Vili Fualaau said it was ‘the plan’ for him to be with Letourneau after she got out of jail. Source: A&E

“I love him and he was waiting for my call,” she said. 

Mr Fualaau claims it was “the plan” to get back together.

After breaking her parole, Letourneau was sent back to jail for more than seven years. She also gave birth to a second child.

She claims she never realised she was doing anything illegal by being in a sexual relationship with Mr Fualaau when he was a child.

She said it was consensual – even though the age of consent then and now is 16 years old.

“I did not know that it was a law,” she said.

Mary Kay Letourneau during a court hearing in 1998. Source: AAP

Letournaeau also said she was baffled by other teachers receiving convictions for being in relationships with students.

According to Fox News, lawyers, friends and fellow inmates also chose to take part in the documentary. 

Executive producer Brad Abramson told Fox News Letourneau was a “little nervous” but eventually “warmed up” to speak about her past.

“I think she definitely took responsibility for her actions,” Mr Abramson said.

“She said she regretted doing what she did and she made a mistake. But clearly, when she had two kids, her life came out of that.”

Not everyone on Twitter agreed with Mr Abramson’s opinion though, with many suggesting the documentary showed Letourneau hasn’t taken responsibility for her actions.

“20 years later and Mary Kay Letourneau is still making excuses for her disgusting behaviour. It’s doesn’t matter if they’re still together,” one person commented on Twitter.

Another accused the Letourneau of framing her relationship with a child into a “Shakespearean romance”.

The couple are still together, despite Mr Fualaau filing for a separation in 2017.

The documentary aired on Sunday night local time.