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TCU stays undefeated after walk-off win against Baylor | College Football Enquirer

Yahoo Sports’ Dan Wetzel, and Sports Illustrated’s Pat Forde and Ross Dellenger discuss TCU’s win over Baylor with a game-winning field goal as time expired, and debate if the Horned Frogs will continue their unbeaten streak all the way to the College Football Playoff.

Video transcript

DAN WETZEL: They kick it into this great group of what I assume is students from TCU that had driven down and got the literal worst seats on like a hill on the side of that giant toilet bowl-shaped stadium. Let's go TCU. They're-- they keep winning they're in. And maybe they could lose who knows if this thing gets really sideways but epic victory for TCU.

TCU is a little like-- it's a little, like, Tennessee. You go out. It's a little wobbly in some spots. When's it going to fall apart? We're waiting and waiting, and it just doesn't fall apart.

I don't know how good these guys are going to be in a playoff. I don't know if they can be Georgia. But, man, what a season they have pulled together. They score-- come from behind, they led six seconds of the fourth quarter.

Again at Baylor, they gave every single reason to lose the game. Yet, in the end, Max Duggan, couple big drives at the end. They pull off the fire drill field goal at the buzzer. Griffin Kell hits this 40 yarder, no timeouts. They get-- they got that-- everyone screaming about how terrible it was.

Like, that kicking team was set for like a couple of seconds before they even snapped it. It was beautiful.


DAN WETZEL: It was a thing of beauty. And then they kick it into this great group of what I assume is students to TCU that had driven down and got the literal worst seats on like a hill on the side of that giant toilet bowl-shaped stadium that they have, the toilet seat stadium at Baylor.

ROSS DELLENGER: Toilet seat stadium.

DAN WETZEL: It is. It's shaped like a toilet seat. And they're in the part where they don't have the seat part like the front. And they're in, like, the bottom of a hill, and they just go crazy. I mean, just awesome. What an absolutely awesome somewhat-- they're all college kids, so they're filming it. Someone's got a great video of that ball coming right at them.

ROSS DELLENGER: The ball coming in, yeah.

DAN WETZEL: Unbelievable. Unbelievable. Sonny Dykes, just an incredible-- that's great coaching right there. So Horned Frogs, baby, doubt him at your peril.

ROSS DELLENGER: No, he said they practiced that play. I thought it was interesting. They practiced that like hurried-- I forgot what they call it-- hurried field goal, hurry up field goal, or whatever, where they run off the sideline and get set. And then boom, you snap it, and you kick it.

I think it was like 17 seconds left as they were running-- running off. The offense was running off. So they had roughly about 16, 17 seconds to do it all to get the field goal team on, to stay still for a couple seconds in snap. And I think they snap to it two seconds left.

It was incredible. I didn't get to watch it. But I saw replays and read about it. And man, I mean, the Horned Frogs just keep on doing it.

I wanted to pick them to lose again this week. I've picked them to lose, like, four of the last five weeks. And I thought, ah, this is the week they're going to lose, because I picked them to win. And man, they came through again. Just-- it's just remarkable. What an incredible season they're having.

And honestly, they probably-- you know, if you look at the numbers, and strength of record, and strength of schedule, and all that stuff, and top 25 wins and all that, you know, you can make an argument that they belong in the top two or three, you know. I don't-- I think they're getting a little snubbed in a way because of their brand, so to speak, in the conference in which they play. But they've got an incredible, incredible team. And, it's been fun to watch.

PAT FORDE: Yeah, I mean, it was fantastic. They have now won 7 straight games by 10 points or less first team to do that since Colgate in 1975. Incredible just ability in crunch time to come through with enough place. I mean, Max Duggan was unbelievable getting him down the field to get him in position. And then, yeah, the fire drill kick team just did a phenomenal job under pressure.

That's how many times you're gonna win, that sort of situation. You might see a lineman jump or you know, everything is in such a rush. It's a bad snap or a bad hold. The kicker, Griffin Kell, didn't even-- he didn't have time to walk off his steps. He just had to go out there and say, OK, I'm roughly where I need to be, two steps swing and kick. And I mean, it was just fantastic.

And you know, one of the great things about college football and we'll get into this I am sure but that was at 3:12 PM Eastern, 21 minutes later, Jake Moody kicker from Michigan saves the day for the Wolverines. 1,200 miles apart, 21 minutes apart but two kickers who had the weight of the world on their shoulders come through to keep their teams undefeated. Very cool.