Taylor Swift Showed Up With A Buttload Of Famous People To The Chiefs Game, And Here's Who Got The Coveted Invite

Taylor Swift was at another football game!

Taylor cheering in the crowd
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This time it was in New York, and she showed up with a buttload of famous friends.

Taylor cheering in the crowd
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Because I find extremely famous people hanging out together somewhat interesting, let me break down who got the invite...

@hughjackman /  instagram.com / Via Twitter: @PopCrave

First off, Sabrina Carpenter was there wearing a "Sports Watcher" tee.

Backgrid / Via Twitter: @FASTNlGHTS

That, of course, is Blake Lively next to Taylor.

Arrow pointing to Blake clapping next to Taylor
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And if you have Blake Lively, then you obviously have Ryan Reynolds.

Arrow pointing to Ryan next to Blake
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Ryan brought his friend Hugh Jackman.

Arrow pointing to Hugh next to Ryan
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Deadpool 3 director Sam Levy was also there.

Sam with Hugh and Ryan from Hugh's IG story
@hughjackman / Via Instagram: @thehughjackman

That person in the back is Blake Lively's sister Robyn Lively.

Arrow pointing to Robyn behind Ryan and Hugh
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In the upper left, that's Sophie Turner.

Arrow pointing to Sophie behind Taylor
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Antoni Porowski made it into this shot.

Arrow pointing to Antoni next to Taylor
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That's Patrick Mahomes's wife, Brittany Mahomes.

Arrow pointing to Brittany next to Taylor
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That's one of Taylor's backup dancers, Melanie Nyema.

Arrow pointing to Melanie next to Taylor
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That's Travis Kelce's mom, Donna.

NFL / Via Twitter: @tswifterastour

And lastly, that guy in the back is Taylor's brother, Austin Swift.

Arrow pointing to Austin behind Blake
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Can't wait to see which other Sports Watchers show up next!

Sabrina Carpenter wearing a "Sports Watcher" T-shirt, jacket, and miniskirt
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FYI, you can stream NFL games on Peacock if you feel obliged.