Taylor Swift Posted A Super Tuesday Instagram Message Urging Her US Fans To Vote

Little US politics factoid for you non-US readers: Today is Super Tuesday, in which 15 states and one US territory cast their votes in party primaries to determine who will be involved in the upcoming US presidential race.

A person walks past signs indicating a voting site with handicap access and campaigning restrictions
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Ahead of the final tally — which is expected to push candidates Joe Biden and Donald Trump further toward their respective Democratic and Republican Party nominations — Taylor Swift has sent a message to her fans regarding their vote.

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"Today, March 5, is the Presidential Primary in Tennessee and 16 other states and territories," she said in a IG story post that did not signal support for either candidate.

Taylor Swift's Instagram post encouraging voting, mentions Tennessee and Super Tuesday, with a reminder to make a plan to vote and a link to VOTES.ORG
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"I wanted to remind you guys to vote the people who most represent YOU into power," she also wrote. "If you haven't already, make a plan to vote today."

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"Whether you're in Tennessee or somewhere else in the US, check your polling places and times at Vote.org."

A group of people by a 'VOTE' sign with stars, indicating a polling station entrance
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As Taylor said, you can head here for Super Tuesday voting info.