Swifties Have Crashed Google Trying To Solve The "1989 (Taylor's Version)" Vault Puzzles, And It Really Just Proves That Taylor Swift IS The Music Industry

For a few days now Swifties around the world have reported seeing a little blue vault in the corner of Google when searching Taylor Swift's name on the site, hinting at the 1989 (Taylor's Version) vault coming soon. This morning, Taylor herself officially announced that it is, indeed, here.

In case you're not familiar, with each new "Taylor's Version" re-recording of her old albums, Taylor has also been releasing a handful of "From The Vault" tracks from her previous albums — aka songs that didn't make the final cut originally, but are being released now. For both her Fearless and Red re-records, Taylor — like the sparkling, pop princess Jigsaw she is — gave fans a series of puzzles to decode, thus revealing the titles of the songs.

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Catherine Powell / Getty Images for MTV

For 1989 (TV), Taylor has teamed up with Google to create a series of 89 word-scramble puzzles for fans to solve. Once 33 million total puzzles have been decoded worldwide, the vault will be unlocked — aka Taylor will release the names of the songs, and maaaaybe a snippet or something if we're lucky.

webpage with a puzzle completed
Google / Taylor Swift

Here's how you can participate: When you Google "Taylor Swift," a little blue, beach-themed vault pops up in the bottom right corner. Click on it, and you'll be met with a Swiftie word scramble (and occasionally, a hint). Once you've got the word or phrase decoded, you can type it in the search bar and continue the game. If you got the answer right, the blue vault should pop back up on the search page of the phrase you googled, then present you with another word scramble to solve. Or at least...that's what it's supposed to do.

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Google / Taylor Swift

As your friendly neighborhood Swiftie, I've been doing my civic duty and trying to participate, but it's been damn near impossible to even get the vault to pop up when googling her name, let alone after submitting an answer. Well, y'all, it looks like Swifties have crashed Google after all. The company tweeted this evening, saying the vault is, in fact, broken for the time being, and is in the process of being fixed.

Twitter: @Google

First Ticketmaster...now Google?? Swifties are a force to be reckoned with, that's for sure. While we wait for the vault to be back up and running, please enjoy these funny tweets I've harvested while aimlessly scrolling Twitter to see if anyone else is endlessly googling Taylor Swift's name:

Twitter: @TisTheDamnPhD / EA Games / Google / Taylor Swift

Twitter: @longstorycali

Twitter: @kyrasversion

  @nanainexile / Via x.com

Twitter: @swifferwins / Google / Taylor Swift

  @justtakeemhome / Via Twitter: @justtakeemhome
@justtakeemhome / Via Twitter: @justtakeemhome

Big Machine Records / Via Twitter: @hotmessjunk

As always, I am simply blown away by the power of Taylor Swift. Here's to hoping it gets fixed soon!!

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